Advice Call

Just need access to an interior designer for some advice? Jump on a video call with us! You can book a call with one of our Interior Designers quickly and easily by clicking here.


Want a colour scheme and vibe for your room but not sure where to start? We can take anything you like and build it out into a moodboard. Then you can go shop! Book in for an advice call to get started!

Space Plans

Is your room just not flowing properly? Take advantage of our space planning service. Send us your room and furniture dimensions and we'll come up with two floorplans (space allowing) that will maximise your space.
We start this process with an advice call, so that we fully understand your needs.

3D Designs

Want to see your space visualised in a certain way? We can build out your designs and put new furniture in. We'll then take pictures from different angles to show you how the room looks We start this with an advice call so that we can understand your requirements, and then we can advise you on how we will proceed with your 3D Design.

Virtual Room Design Package

Want all of the above? Save with our Virtual Room Design Package. We can do everything from scratch; creating a vibe, planning your space, generating 3D designs and finally giving you a full shopping list of what to order. Then all you do is set it up according to our plan! 

Project & Trades Management

If you just don't know how where to start with booking and managing building work, take advantage of our project & trades management service. Our Interior Designers are £50/hour on-site or our Construction Site Manager is £100/hour. Please contact us for this service as we will need to estimate how many hours are needed.

We are partnered with Design North to collaborate on interior architecture for larger projects and bespoke build options. They are a very experienced agency who specialise in large commercial projects and highly technical specifications.
You can view Design North's website here.
*Prices are subject to change. Correct as of June 2020.