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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Virtual Interior Design

If you're navigating restyling your home, or looking for an expert opinion, you might be interested in hiring an interior designer. Our mission at Rowen Homes is to make every home magical. Our accessible projects range from consultations, to residential designs and turnkey living.

2020 has brought a new emphasis on zero contact living, zoom meetings and multi-use spaces. With everyone under one roof, making sure your home works for everyone inside of it is a new necessity for your house to work as an office, study space, a place to relax, a gym and so on.

In these instances, actually choosing to work with an interior designer will save you money and time in the long term. Costly accidents such as measuring, incorrect colour pallets can often happen when you go it alone, not to mention that your designer will work to your budget- finding you the best value possible.

Using our designers, you're ultimately getting access to their knowledge bank, whether it's access to quality suppliers, talking the jargon to your architects or access to exclusive pieces, fabrics and more that aren't on the high street.

How do online interior designers work?

Working with an online interior designer usually begins with the designers understanding your style, space and budget. Here, we tend to do this with a consultation call, this is a video call where you can talk face to face with a designer, show them your space and explain what you want.

Other interior agencies gain this understanding by giving you a questionnaire, this can speed up project initiation and be a cheaper option, but can lack the human aspect.

If you still cannot decide, here are our top 5 reasons to try a virtual interior design project:

Why should I choose an online interior designer?

1. You're not limited to the designers in your area

Your designer will more accurately match your needs, you may follow a designer on Instagram, but they're based on the other side of the world. Being a virtual service, having an online interior designer means you can work with someone who matches your expectations best, whether they're 5 miles away, or 5000 mile away.

2. You're able to take your mood boards and plans away to have a think

Don't worry, when we send over the work for approval, we won't be breathing down your neck. Take your time to absorb the work done, discuss it with a partner and then get back to us. Our designers want you to fall in love with your space, so if you do happen to have an amends, you're sure of what needs done!

3. Communication is easy (it's still personal)

Communication is key in getting the most out of your design experience, we're open to most forms of communications, so you can get in touch in the easiest way possible for you. We'll be working on your project over a set amount of time, so there'll be plenty of contact, including opportunities to give us you opinion or any ideas.

4. Quick turn around times

The whole process can take around 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on the size of your project. This really comes in handy for clients who are needing a quick revamp, whether its to re-utilise a room for multi-purpose, to spruce up a tired space or for new homeowners working towards their move in date deadlines.

5. An easy way to experiment with your home

Interior designers take your style, and stretch it to really give you the uniqueness that you might not have pushed yourself to. Hiring a designer is going to help you achieve that 'WOW' factor, so if your looking for something new this is the way to go. Interior designers will naturally experiment with your home and it's potential, they'll draw it up so there's no risk too.


If you're interested in beginning an interior design project with one of our designers, book your virtual interior design consultation here.

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